Arrowmax Set-Up System For 1/10 Formula Cars

Design specially for the ever growing Formula class, Arrowmax had now introduce a dedicated set up system for use exclusively with the Formula platform. Made by high quality aluminum, full ball-bearing equiped, the set up system will let you adjust camber, caster accurately. With the acrylic board on top, you can also measure toe angle and steering throw. Come with a fast releasing wheel nuts make it a blitz to use.

New HUDY Car Bag – 1/10 Formula

#199182 HUDY Car Bag – 1/10 Formula

• Premium exclusive bag
• Cool and stylish graphics
• High-quality European materials
• Padded walls
• Rubber strap to install on travel bag

Stylish HUDY Exclusive Car Bag. With your R/C car being one of the single most important pieces of your racing equipment, it deserves all the protection it can get when traveling to & from races. Keeps your car safe and protected.

New Fenix Racing alu chassis

Something new and useful for Xray F1 drivers.

We listen the request fro an alu chassis that can be used on the newer 2017 but that can be useful to rejuvenate the “older” 2015 and 2016 versions.

So, here we are!
Fenix Opt003 is now a platform that can cover from the first X1 to the latest 2017 version.

Especially pocketed, the chassis carry as well a special side area to reduce the carpet scrub, allowing a softer setting.

All chassis are available from now!

Source: Fenix

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